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Health and Safety





There are many regulations which apply to construction and building.

We advise that you always use a trained and competent person.






This information is for Public.

The Building Regulations in place within the UK have been developed to provide the minimum standards of safety and to give guidance to builders and construction firms in the UK.

There are many forms of guidance available to you. Your Builder, Architect, Engineer or Building Inspector will be able to tell you the correct guidance to use if required.

When using a specific piece of guidance which has not been developed or previously approved by your Council it is useful to ask for approval as different regions or towns may have differing standards.

At the design stage of your project Joseph Parr Alco can help by providing you with the technical specification for materials and helping with detailed design or your bill of quantities. For site clearance we can also arrange skips, with a trade discount.

When dealing with the council the public regard planning as a somewhat bureaucratic process however by using clear English and clearly showing proposals you should find that Building Inspectors are more open.  We would recommend always using a skilled and competent draughtsperson or Architect to create computer-aided-design (CAD) building plans or proposals.

If you decide to project manage a renovation or self-build it is always recommended that you have a skilled Builder, Engineer or Architect on hand to give you their expert advice.

Be aware that by undertaking the work you are responsible for the Building Control and Safety and that you will have to apply for the Building Inspector to approve the work which has been undertaken. They will want to inspect the work at many stages and they have the authority to stop all work on site if they feel that it is dangerous or unstable.

When hiring a contractor is it your duty as the Client to raise concerns and ask the contractor to rectify any dangerous or unstable work.

You are also responsible for the correct storage of materials; we can help by providing highly skilled Heavy Goods Drivers and roadside delivery.

Any delays during a project may resulting from incorrect material orders may cause substantial cost overrun - we can help you with careful ordering and efficient delivery.

This information is for Trade.

Joseph Parr Alco would like to stress that the Building Regulations 2010 provide the minimum level of standards. As a small builder or contractor we recommend that you always have your calculations and drawings checked by an independent and competent person – just to be on the safe side.

Small Builders and Construction Firms it is your duty to provide sound guidance and service to members of the public who do not share your knowledge about the building industry and you are expected by the Government to act with professionalism at all times.

‘Cowboy Builders’ have given small builders a bad name but at Joseph Parr Alco we know that many of you take pride in your work and it is a pleasure to see the high standards of work you produce.

We have a Pinterest Account if you would like to add to our ‘Customer Pin Board’ to show examples of your work you can send us an email to

We have provided a list of links to give you further assistance and understanding of the Building Regulation and what is expected of building companies.







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