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There are many hints and tips for around the home and garden. 


We are happy to bring you - Our Top Tips!



For a natural looking flower bed plant in groups of odd numbers.


Don't dig when it's wet because it compacts the soil - this makes it harder for plants to grow properly, wait till it is warm and dry, then dig and break up the soil.


Encourage finches and bumble bees by planting lots of lavender, daisies and British wildflowers which also look stunning and give a full depth of colour to your garden.


Decorating tip - always have masking tape handy - there is nothing worse than uneven edges when it comes to painting.


New home tip - when you are moving into a new home with new washing machine plumbing the outlets have sometimes not been opened - check these before installing your washing machine.


Borders tip - for the most effective garden borders give 60cm for small plants and up to 150cm for large plants and trees.


Eco tip - when you are planning your garden include space for a rainwater harvester which can be used to water your plants and shrubs.


For problems with waterlogged gardens - In clay based soils it may be useful to remove the soil and replace it with a topsoil and aggregate mix to enhance the drainage and increase absorption of water. Or perhaps you may wish to install a garden drainage system which consists of sand and pipes under the ground to divert the water.


Make the most of shaded areas by planting appropriate plants with bright flowers or perhaps by creating a sheltered seating area.




More tips coming soon!