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Health and Safety
Health and Safety Information.  

At Joseph Parr (Alco) Limited we understand how crucial it is to comply with site and public highway safety standards when manoeuvring and transporting materials. We can assure you that, for every size of site, we will comply with all safety requirements and communicate clearly to protect the safety of colleagues and the public.

We will also continue to work with our suppliers to ensure that all vehicles entering our yards will have the correct information and drive safely.

Our health and safety is recorded effectively and continually monitored to allow safe working at all times.

Sharing information effectively and easily is one of the distinct advantages of working in a small team and it means we can make sure that questions our staff may have can be answered fully on a one-on-one basis. Our training methods are both theory and practical skills based to help make our team confident in the tasks and equipment they are using and therefore you have a more efficient and safe service.

We have a duty of care to our staff and this means we provide them with the correct equipment, the correct protective clothing and the correct guidance and training to allow each member of staff to work to the best of their abilities within their job role. In turn, each individual employee understands their responsibility to keep themselves and all others free from harm and to follow correct working procedures and maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Due to the nature of our work we have areas which have higher levels of risk associated with them;

  • ·         Working with Forklifts and stock movements,

  • ·         Warehousing,

  • ·         All pedestrian movements,

  • ·         Traffic Management both on and off our premises,

  • ·         Working with machinery, and

  • ·         Delivering Goods.


A member of staff may ask you to stop working because they feel that the nature of the work is unsafe or it may be due to any other safety, access or workability concern.

If at any point a member of staff asks you to stop working we ask you to comply with themimmediately for your own safety and the safety of others.

All of our drivers hold a full license and are fully qualified and our forklift operators are fully trained.

All drivers of all vehicles are given refresher training and guidance in line with industry recommendations, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and as a result we have restricted pedestrian access within our premises and we ask that all customers listen and follow safety guidance given to them by any member of our staff or provided by signs on approaching and within our premises. Instructions given by our staff may include parking, handling, loading, unloading or they may advise you to stop working.


We ask that all trade customers please wear suitable protective clothing when visiting us and to follow the restrictions in place for pedestrians.

All public customers keep to the walkways provided and visit our shop only. If you require access to the yard a member of our staff with a high visibility top will accompany you to keep you safe.

No unauthorised use of machinery. This includes both use of our machinery and also use of your own machinery within our premises. Machinery includes both hand tools and power tools in addition to fixed machinery, heavy machinery and vehicles.


We take safety extremely seriously and deliveries will only be made when it is safe for our drivers to do so.

As per our Terms and Conditions:

 Delivery and collection will occur at the nearest point which can be accessed safety by the driver. In the event that you site does not meet health and safety standards and we are unable to deliver the goods you shall be liable”;  If the goods are issued and refused or we are unable to deliver due to safety concerns the customer will be liable for any costs incurred including but not limited to the delivery charge, re-issue charge, insurance, re-stocking charge or storage costs.”

Please also note: At Joseph Parr (Alco) Limited we do not under any circumstance allow for abuse, in any form, towards our colleagues or other customers. In the event of aggressive behaviour occurring either within our premises or towards a member of our staff (at any location) we will assess the situation and may request police involvement.


If you have any safety concerns whatsoever about any member of our staff or business conduct please contact us!


By email:

Or call us: 0161 633 1264 and ask to speak with our Managing Director.